Tuesday, June 23, 2009

welcome to my blog... again

okay, so if you can't tell from the title this is probably about the fifth time i've attempted to keep up a blog. for those that have tried to follow before and have given up because the long awaited post never came, i am truly sorry and hope you give me a second, well fifth chance (who am i kidding). this time those posts that i know keep you staring at your feedreader like a phone that won't ring will come through on a somewhat regular basis. if you're a first time follower, thanks for following. to you all, i'll try to keep it a bit interesting, maybe a tad inspirational at times but most of all honest and hopefully somewhat relevant. hope to see you back.


Anonymous said...

wha...wha...what's this glorious surprise in my stats page? A link from my favorite Kristin at a ... a ... BLOGSPOT?!! woo hoo!!

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