Thursday, November 12, 2009

dirt09 session 4 with dino rizzo

a few thoughts from pastor dino out of john 13

(verse 1) Christ had yet to show his full range of motion of his love... His full measure of love

when he did revel his love the full extent of it was shown thru serving. he had everything what is at his fingertips. he could have shown love in any way but he boiled it all down to serving a person.

what every is at our fingertips should boil down to affecting and serving people for the glory of God.

what am I doing with what's at my fingertips?

we don't serve to get out of serving we serve because that's what we do.

don't let the potential for many keep you from your passion for one.

dirt09 session 3 with anne jackson

my favorite one-liners from anne...

God wants your heart more than he wants your talent

God sees us through the lens of the cross

dirt09 session 2 with neil greathouse

here are just a few thoughts i took away from neil's message...

why do we tend to drift away from what we originally see?
1 because we are looking in the wrong places // are we looking everywhere else but the right place, God?
2 we're stuck in a rut
3 we're scared

how do we get our edge back?
decide that we're gonna chase after what got us started

• we can't continue to feed off of each other, we have to feed off of God.
• we will never reach the potential of what God has put in our churches if we continue to feed off each other rather than God.
• God wants us to experience him for ourselves.

dirt09 session 1 with rick bezet

here are just a few thoughts i took away from pastor rick's message...

be an encourager! there are hurting people all around us.

don't loose the confidence of your call
• "approch the throne of grace with confidence"
• look forward. don't have backwards vision

don't loose confidence in your dream
• there comes a time to broadcast your dream but until that day comes God wants to hear about it every day
• Jesus asked blind baratmas what he wanted because he wanted to hear his dream

3 types of peeps:
1 don't have a dream // the dream is lost
2 have the wrong dream
3 doing the God dream // God is always dreaming about souls

what dream am i dreaming?

live like God is as big as he really is. make decisions based on how BIG God is.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

on the eve of dirt 09...

my thoughts are this… what God has created us to do is not about us. it actually has nothing to do with us; is has everything to do with God and with others.

here’s where I’m coming from… we have already accepted God. we know what it’s like to have a relationship with him, to feel close to him, to know purpose and peace and love… but others don’t. at one point it was about us. but we are no longer the one lost sheep. we’re now part of the ninety-nine sheep (matthew 18). that’s why it’s not about us. it can’t be. our God’s heart goes after the ones that are lost, not the ones that are already found. our heart should echo that.

that’s why we’re here. that’s why we do what we do. it’s all about helping people understand and embrace the love of God. all that we do has to stay about people. we help, serve, work, create, communicate or whatever we do so that someone’s life is interrupted and can intersect with God.

so here we are on the eve of dirt09 and my prayer for this conference is that all in attendance would be reminded that when we create, communicate, design and plan in our churches we are doing it for those that don’t know God yet. that we would all know that we really can do more with less because when we are going after the ones that God is going after, he will make up for whatever we are lacking. after all, we serve the God that created the intricacies of man from nothing but dirt.