Thursday, November 12, 2009

dirt09 session 4 with dino rizzo

a few thoughts from pastor dino out of john 13

(verse 1) Christ had yet to show his full range of motion of his love... His full measure of love

when he did revel his love the full extent of it was shown thru serving. he had everything what is at his fingertips. he could have shown love in any way but he boiled it all down to serving a person.

what every is at our fingertips should boil down to affecting and serving people for the glory of God.

what am I doing with what's at my fingertips?

we don't serve to get out of serving we serve because that's what we do.

don't let the potential for many keep you from your passion for one.


Scott Harness said...

The videos during this session drove me back to somethings that I had forgotten. People and their stories are what God wants to put on display. They are His glory. They are the visible truth of a life changing God.

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