Wednesday, January 6, 2010

are you in?

i can't believe this is the first blog of 2010... not that i had that many in 2009. the other day i was going through some memos on my phone and i came across this statement that i heard sometime last year (sorry i can't give proper credit... i didn't write down your name). it said, "we were saved so we can introduce others to Jesus. the understanding and application of that is what will cause our churches and ourselves to thrive." i've been thinking about that statement quite a bit and i find myself extremely challenged to make this year less about me and more about others. what i find most intriguing about the statement is the word application. i don't know about you, but it's fairly easy for me to understand this statement, however, it's a much harder task to actually apply it. from my personal life to my work/church life i want to know that i am helping people meet Jesus. how do i do that? i think it starts by knowing my Jesus like i've never known Him before. the more time i spend with Him, the more i become like Him. the more my actions, responses and opinions become like His, the easier it is for people to see Him and not just me. we shouldn't want people to look like us; we should want them to look like Jesus. imagine if we all applied that statement what our lives and cities would look like. so, are you in?


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